Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew here at Sonic Fireworks lead by owners Mike and Michelle Glover. When you book us for a fireworks display you’ll meet one or more of these guys and gals.

Mike Glover, Sonic Fireworks

Mike Glover

MD, Display Designer & Senior Firer

With almost 30 years experience of working with fireworks, Mike knows how to put on a good show whether that’s for a small Wedding display or for a huge festival. Mike designs all of Sonic’s displays with the aid of state-of-the-art computer programs that allow for virtual simulations and split second choreography with music tracks. What Mike doesn’t know about fireworks simply isn’t worth knowing.

Michelle Glover, Sonic fireworks

Michelle Glover

Director, Customer Service & Senior Firer

When Mike and Mish married 21 years ago they even had a special black wedding cake with real indoor pyrotechnics fizzing away. Mish runs the customer services for Sonic and usually will be the cheerful voice you speak to on the phone. She also works on many of the displays and is learning to design shows as well.

A highly trained and experienced bunch of firework fanatics! Meet the Crew:

Meet the Crew: Rob


Meet the Crew: Ron


Meet the Crew: Calum


Meet the Crew: Molly


Meet the Crew: Dave


Meet the Crew: Aiden


Meet the Crew: Jon


Meet the Crew: Ricky


Meet the Crew: Luke


The Crew, Sonic Fireworks, Xmas Party

Team Sonic

We also have some amazing people who work alongside our main Crew.

Have you ever thought you have what it takes to Crew for Sonic Fireworks. You must be used to working in all kinds of weather and as part of a team. We run periodic application days.

We work hard and play hard, and we love “Havin’ a Blast”

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