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Future Fireworks, fired from drones?

The famous Groupe F in France gave us a possible glimpse of the future of fireworks this month. The French Government tasked them to create a spectacular World-class low-noise fireworks display for Bastille Day in the air around the Eiffel Tower. Groupe F put their considerable artistic talents into maximum overdrive and came up with their ‘Take Off’ demonstrator.

The short clip above from Groupe F’s Facebook Video (See it in full here) demonstrates just how beautiful their concept is. Expect to see displays like this over the skies of major cities shortly.

However, don’t expect your local Bonfire Night display to look like this! Drones are an exciting technology for aerial performances but they are certainly not cheap. Compared with traditional fireworks displays they will be only for the super-rich and state-sponsored spectaculars.

Nothing can beat the bang-for-your-buck that fireworks offer, but it’s nice to see that technology and fireworks can have a beautiful future together.

The real innovation Groupe F managed to achieve is putting the fireworks on the drones and coordinating the firing. We have seen many shows incorporate fireworks and drones together (like the London 2021 New Year’s Eve show below) and there will be many more dates, spinning logos and fancy graphics.

Groupe F’s work shows that professional pyrotechnists can add another dimension to drones by creating graceful growing light sculptures in the sky with fireworks. We can’t wait to see where they take this.

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